Friday, June 5, 2009

Out of sight out of my mind

We all had to make a collage last year for high school graduation. Here's what I came up with. Click on it to enlarge - the kid's adorable!!

Shana scooted out of the house last August and headed to college in Tucson. We checked in with each other all the time (way, way more than your regular, normal, sane mother-daughter pair), but for the most part, she could have been out partying, clubbing, raving, smoking and drinking every night. She's a good girl and I trust her, but it wasn't so long ago that I went to college, so it was either the trust or the out of sight out of mind, ignorance is bliss mentality that I adopted to get me through the past year. I never stayed up at night worrying when she would get back to her dorm room, comfortable with the no news is good news pair of blinders. But now Shana's home for the summer and the blinders don't seem to fit anymore. The other night she went clubbing. Well, okay, it was a Women's Studies class fundraiser that bought out an entire bar for the night and let a bunch of underaged girls in to dance the night away. Shana said she wouldn't be coming home, either, since she didn't want to drive home that late. Well, that's good thinking. What a smart kid. Right? But I was up. I was worried.

It may be a long summer.

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