Monday, June 1, 2009

Stoopin' it

My sister, Amy, lives in Manhattan. She "stoops" it alot. It's sitting on the stoop (steps) of your brownstone and watching the world go by. A few times a month, I'll sit on my steps (I have two) of my "brownstone" (really Taco Bell-like roofed house in a same same same neighborhood) and watch the world go by. The world isn't as interesting in Scottsdale as NY, but every now and then I'll see a minivan drive by or maybe somebody walking a dog, if I'm lucky. Amy learned to stoop it with our mom. They were apartment shopping in NY right when Amy moved there over twenty years ago and were taking a rest on somebody's stoop in a very, very nice neighborhood. Turns out - there was an apartment for rent on one of the upper stories and Amy moved in and lived there for years. It was the famous dancer/choreographer Jacques d'Amboise's house. Today the Movie Madness gang saw Every Little Step about the making of A Chorus Line - featuring Charlotte d'Amboise (complete with some great shots of the house - stoop included, bringing back lots of memories). It was a great documentary - gave me the chills, made me want to sing. I realized that Movie Madness is really my way of stooping it. Getting out there to watch the world go by.


  1. oh im stealing this! new word of the day, much better than a random dictionary pic. too cool.