Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Somebody asked Shawn at lunch yesterday what he and Shana have in common and before the poor guy could open his mouth, I shouted out, "They're both so grouchy in the morning!" That Shawn is a grump before his quadruple shot latte that he concocts for himself every morning kicks in is nothing new to me. I've learned to just smile and nod for an hour or so, then remind him to take a big breath and we're good to go. But, Shana? Precious little Shana? After being away at college for a year and every morning she's been home since then she's slept in, I sort of forgot she really is Daddy's girl. She's doing her first week of her Leadership Workshop this week and yesterday she had to get up and out of the house by 7:15, early for somebody that goes to bed somewhere in the am hours. My annoyingly chipper morning self flew into her bed as usual for a snuggle (will she ever be too old for that?) and I immediately got the attitude. Mom! OK, honey, let's go. Want some breakfast? How you doin'? Huh? How'd you sleep? Huh? Huh? Ready for the day? What are you going to wear? Huh? Huh? Huh?

She eventually showed up in the kitchen to her perfectly toasted everything bagel with light whipped cream cheese and a lovely fruit salad. She mumbled something about "to go" and grabbed some foil. I threw the fruit in a Baggie, she downed the last of my tea and she flew out the door, barely even looking back.

Ouch. Grouch.

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