Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ain't He Sweet!

Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, Shawn!!! The guy can be so sweet, it's unbelievable!
I thought that oh, a little trip to Europe would do just fine as a birthday present. Couldn't really ask for more than that, right? But the other day, yours truly was pouring it on pretty thick during a lunch at The Montelucia - you know, my birthday is coming did you want to do? Hmmm? You know my friends are taking me out - isn't that nice! So nice, don't ya think? So...Shawn...what are your plans this weekend? Hmmm? So Mr. Nice Guy was in cahoots with the girls and had them take me for drinks after brunch and then he walked in. So cute! Surprise, surprise. Then Shana and her friends showed up, too. We stayed the night, I got a massage - the spa is gorgeous, smells amazing with it's custom made infusion oils, Moroccan-themed decor, very spiritual, perfect massage. We canceled dinner reservations so we could watch Camelback Mountain turn purple from our perfectly situated balcony, then watched the full moon rise up through the clouds past the blowing palm trees. What a show.

 Yeah, yeah, Florence was definitely beautiful, but this was breathtaking. Phoenix ROCKS! We stumbled down to the restaurant and sidled up to the bar for some incredible tapas and, yes, more sangria. Perfect day, perfect weather - actually cool out  on the patio after dinner - perfect friends, perfect kid (who cleaned the house and my closet as a birthday present), perfect hubby!!

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