Tuesday, June 2, 2009

103 and still not complaining

I think it hit 103 degrees today and I'm cool. I'm down with it. I'm happy to live here. I've always been a glass is half full kind of girl, but I'm putting extra effort in this summer. No complaining. Here's all the cool stuff I did today. Late start to work on Tuesdays so no rush to get ready, just slow and easy, Shawn made me some tea, cool, a little extra time outside in the am - nice weather. Lucky to live here, people are jealous. Worked in an icy cold office all day (when I try to turn the temp down a bit, the heater seems to kick on, so sometimes I have to sit on my hands to warm them up) so cool all day. Missed yoga (not cool), but dinner down the street with the fam - very cool, happy, happy, happy. Gym later (not so cool, sweaty, especially when my Obama came on tv and I couldn't get off the treadmill 'til it was over, for a grand total of 74 minutes) but home to take Sully around the block - we always go counter-clockwise at night, sort of winds down the day (I'm not OCD about it, but it just makes sense) and it was cool out. The whole neighborhood was inside since they all thought it was hot out, but gorgeous - moon bright, tail wagging. Came home and jumped in the pool. Freezing.

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