Monday, June 1, 2009

Ma Bell

I hate looking at the phone bill - twelve or more pages of annoying numbers, minutes, family plans, taxes, taxes, taxes. And what am I supposed to do if I find some problem in the middle of page seven? Call them and sit on hold for 20 minutes for them to tell me that it's right? I just look at the first page and send in the money. If it looks way too high, then I'll squish my eyes closed, wrinkle up my nose and hand it over to Shawn and let him deal with it.

But, today I actually read the whole thing. We just got back from vacay halfway around the world and I was curious. Shawn told me that he had it all figured out this year. He changed the settings on his iphone. He told the office not to call, but just send text messages. We emailed, Facebooked and blogged to the peeps back home instead of calling. It all sounded so good. I started reading...Page 6 - a few $1.29 charges for some phone calls (and taxes) for a total of $9.03, then page 7 - some of Shawn's text messages at .50 each to and from the office - $2.50, we're still good.
Then I got to Page 8 - Summary of Wireless Data - User Name: SHANA SULLIVAN
Text messaging Incoming: 1,328
Text Messaging Out: 1,311

I'm not opening it next month.