Friday, June 12, 2009

The Gilmore Girls

Shana and I started watching the Gilmore Girls a long time ago and have seen every one at least twice. It was probably the best parenting technique I ever had. Not just the hour where we could snuggle on the couch, but there were real lessons in there. The family drama, the wacky townspeople, the mother-daughter relationship issues, boy-girl stuff - I still use the "is he a Dean or a Jess" with Shana - high school, then college dilemmas, friends, grandparents, jobs, money, driving...all kinds of teaching moments. We always saw a lot of ourselves in Lorelei and Rory. The other day we were lounging around on a lazy summer day and came across the show but we didn't recognize it. It was some long, lost episode that had never aired. After we watched it in awe (we're easily entertained), we went to work analyzing the data - was it too risque for the audience back then? Did it not fit in to the timeline? Did the old advertisers have a hard time with it? We didn't know the answers. But we're glad we saw it together.

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