Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Over the hills and through the woods...

I got kind of used to having the kid home. I sort of went back into that Mom mode again. I was coming up with lots of stuff to say, lots of stuff to squeeze in, lots more of those dreaded assignments I used to give Shana before she wandered off to college and had a good excuse not to take orders from me anymore. I had her develop a resume. We checked out tons of summer reading books. We made a budget and got back to the chores and allowance and talked about how that is all supposed to fit together. We watched the Gilmore Girls and hung out on her bed reading. I dragged her to actual cultural events, just like old times. But now she's gone again. Up and took her BF Jordan to Pinetop to hang out with Grandma for a few days. Cool pines. Getting waited on hand and foot. No nagging mommy. I'm sure she can't wait to get back home.

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