Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie Madness - Fair Game/Love & Other Drugs

My Dad always says, "Life isn't fair." I wanted to wait to see Fair Game until at least 11/2012. That and Cool It and Inside Job and a bunch of other films I just can't bare to watch until Obama wins re-election and proves my Dad wrong, if only for a day. I want life to be fair. I want people to vote for honorable, educated people that play by the rules. People that don't steal elections, people that don't go to war, killing hundreds of thousands of innocents for some secret or made-up reason, people that don't give away all of our loot to massive corporations that write our laws, stepping all over the little guy, people that don't shove lie after lie down our throats until we start to actually believe the bright, white veneered smile in front of the camera.

Extra credit Thanksgiving Day showing. We put the turkey away, finished off the wine and went to see Love & Other Drugs. Big reminder of the go-go 90's era of pharmaceutical craziness (wait, they've still got those unbelievable profits, why hasn't that part changed, too?) and the so adorable Jake and Anne. Fun turkey day romp, but the rest of you could wait for the DVD.

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