Sunday, November 14, 2010


Shana thinks I'm a nag. I stupidly looked at our phone bill the other day and noticed that she texts thousands of text messages a month. I wondered (aloud) how many other things she could be accomplishing without so much time wasting. I got the "What else do you want from me?" question. I get straight As. Yep. I work hard. Yep. I have a job. Yep. Nice friends, no drugs, good driver, all around perfect kid. Yep. Yep. Yep. Her only compliant lately is that all of her friends are turning 21, while she's stuck at baby 19. She wants to go faster and I want her to slow down. It reminds me how little time I've had. Other parents get years and years more of this. With even two kids, you get at least a 21 year spread of diapers to college years. I only got 17 before she left home. After doing some math in the car, we realized that she was even a week late being born, cutting in even more into my mommy time. As she turned a Veteran's holiday day off into a four day weekend, we shopped for her upcoming semester in Spain, loading up on boots, scarves and mittens for when she heads off in a few weeks to a faraway place, living with another Mom, one that doesn't care how many texts she sends and I realized I shouldn't either.

As long as some r 2 me :).

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  1. I don't think I send thousands every month but it's amazing how much even my sisters don't want to pick up the phone and just text everything now! No one calls anymore and my iPhone misspells everything. Ugh. I somehow text like an idiot, much worse than I sound!