Monday, November 22, 2010

11-22-66 = 44

Not wanting to miss one second of her 44th birthday, Amy woke me up at 6:50am from out of my cushy, comfy unbelievably soft and warm great Arizona resident rate Miraval feather bed. We slid into the 7am Morning Stretch class, followed by the 8am Fitness Walk, leaving a bit early for breakfast, then off to a 9am Spinning for her, Tai Chi in the water for me (OMG, more later on that), then a 10:00 90 minute Yoga (right next to my new BFF "Heather from LA"
- who was also in our Drumming class last night), then an 11:30 Cooking Class, followed by a Lunch With The Therapist at noon. We took a breather to pack then ran to 1pm Water Aerobics (Amy), read by the pool (me, yes, there's a definite burn less calories on my end pattern here), veg out at the spa for awhile then an end of the day 3:30 Loss and Letting Go Class (new lesson from an old Lily Tomlin quote "Letting Go is finally giving up hope that you had a better past"). Checked out of Miraval, raced to Mexican restaurant with Shana for a bday din din,
then yelled and screamed for the team as they won one for us before hopping back on the highway from what seemed like a two week long trip back to Scottsdale. Happy Birthday, HOHI. Cheers to the greatest sister in the world!

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