Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Straight Up

Maybe you've heard this one before - sit up straight. After hunching over a computer in a really bad chair all day, it was great to just lie down in the dark with my yoga peeps. Mary told us to lengthen our spines without really moving. Just sort of do it by thinking about. Maybe it's her way of yelling, "Sit Up Straight" so we'll remember when we're not with her. But try it. Try to add a little more space in between each vertebrae, head back, shoulders back. Maybe we should have listened to our mothers when we were young and this would be easier these days.  By the end of class, after wrapping ourselves around chairs in a whole other way, the advice was different. Go into the dark. The deep. A place where everything is mysterious and silent.

For an hour a week, beats the heck out of the real world.

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