Friday, November 5, 2010

Adios Andy

Big tears were dripping all over the sofa the other night as I got to the end of Toy Story 3. Shana has usurped our Netflix account, getting every single episode ever made of Dexter and who knows what else conveniently delivered to her Tucson apartment, so I needed to traipse down to Fry's Redbox kiosk to get the first day it came out, loved watching the first two when Shana was little flick. I had heard an interview on NPR about the history of the new one, the grown up Andy, the scary parts, the time when the director accidently threw away his wife's beloved stuffed animals during a move and the days and days spent watching prison break movies to get just the right touch. Cute little Andy left for college, leaving all of his toys behind. Poor Woody. Poor Buzz Lightyear. Poor me. I glanced over at Shawn and he was teary-eyed, too. Every time I think I get past a new Empty Nest stage, it all comes back. The last year of high school, savor every moment, every football game, every dance, every house full of friends, the last summer before college, the shopping for the dorm, the dropping off at school and driving away, the she misses me so much she's home every weekend, then the she loves school so much, she's hardly ever here and the now, she's leaving for Spain in two months, gone for a whole semester and I'm feeling like Andy's mom all over again, sobbing in public as I drop the DVD back off to Redbox before my 9pm deadline.

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