Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hey Mon, let's Reggae!

There's something about a Sunday afternoon listening to Walt Richardson that takes me back to college. Well, maybe it was Saturday nights back then at Chuy's or Edsels Attic (or remember Club UM?), but I definitely remember the $5 pitchers of beer like they had today at way cool Arcadia 'hood Postinos (only now the Bud Light is a "smoky lemonade" Belgium beer and the artichoke bruchetta is way better than greasy wings from back in the day). Surrounded by friends and even a cute guy showed up that somehow still reminds me of those ASU Mill Ave. moments.
Laughing about leggings and tunics sans shoulder pads, Key West in the 70's or was it the 80's with the manscaped and tanned YMCA group on the pool lounge chairs, or the swing dancing date tonight with the Vets, right after the sports bar drinkipoo with the guy that can't stop talking about the ex (how fascinating) keep the kids in school, pole dancing to get by, or else, the I just got back from The Rally For Sanity and didn't even inhale, some people shouldn't walk around naked but it's so hard to tell them and the double top down change up. Walt kept it up just like the old days with some Beatles, Bob Dillon and all the old reggae hits, like the one I hummed all the way home...One Love, One Heart,  Let's get together and feel all right...

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