Monday, November 29, 2010

Peace (and quiet), Man

"I'm glad to have you all to myself again," said poor Shawn. There's only so much of me to go around (and I didn't even tell him about the upcoming Tuesday night full house mah jongg and Wednesday night circle the wagons Lipstick Call and Thursday night quit dropping out of stuff writing workshop). After a week of take-over-the-house, Amy (in a post-Landmark happy days are here again) visit, a week of Shana The Great and all of her friends, out to all hours, never knowing who is spending the night, even had a boy, no, Mom, he's not my boyfriend (but I'm pretty sure he is), here last night after a midnight arrival at Sky Harbor, family dinner, family lunch, family dinner, family lunch, followed by a three hour rip apart the rock star motor home yesterday in order to get the Dish Network TV working in the snowbird RV park so QVC doesn't send out the National Guard to find out why Nana stopped shopping, followed by a last night at home and we're not complaining Sunday night Pita Jungle take-out double feature and a morning Shana send-off breakfast at Chompies before work, work, work until we were down to two again and it was finally quiet. So Shawn, deep breath, smiling at dinner, "I'm glad to have you all to myself again."

Me too :)

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