Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Call of Duty

Shawn has a pair of camouflage pajama pants, but I don't let him out of the house in them. They were sort of a joke, a little present from Santa a couple years ago to make fun of his XBox addiction. But today, the joke was on me. Since I "forced" the guy to actually go to work on the day the new game came out, I needed to be the one there at Best Buy the moment it went on sale. We wouldn't want anybody to sell out. I could have driven to one up north yesterday at midnight, but the call of wifely duty wasn't that loud. By the way, the town is still overloaded and Costco has tons of them for about $10 cheaper. So this morning I found myself in Baghdad, surrounded by a bunch of guys in camo gear waiting for the store to open. No pajama pants, thank God, just shirts, hats and lots of growling as they made it through the lines, past the cash registers and back out into the desert.

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