Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crazy Like A Fox

I decided to take a news break. Just go about life for the foreseeable future unplugged from all that. Relax. Breathe. The other day I was with one of my friends, non-political, totally non-newsy (except for maybe keeping up with the Kardashians). She seemed to peaceful. So calm. Had no clue who John Boehner is. Paradise, right? But I just couldn't stay away today and clicked away from work to check on the Washington happenings. The first thing I saw, after months of campaigning, hours and hours of TV commercials, bags and bags and bags of tea partying was the House GOP ordering to defund NPR. This was the very first thing they asked for? This was their priority? Save the world! End Socialism! This was what all the screaming was about? The number one thing? NPR? Cute little honest NPR? What are they afraid of?

I guess the truth hurts.

1 comment:

  1. They nauseate me. Can anyone see what frauds they are? And then they're going to start trotting people up on stupid congressional hearings when we could have impeached Bush for his phony wars. Unbelievable.