Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Book Club - The Stuff That Never Happened

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Author of this month's book, Maddie Dawson, CALLED THE BOOK CLUB! That's right, she actually found my little 'ol blog somehow and called us right on the 7 o'clock dot from somewhere in Connecticut! She asked me if we were drinking wine yet and when I said "of course" she went off to grab a glass of her own. She told us all about how she writes, what her inspiration was, asked us what we thought about Grant and Annabelle and Jeremiah and wondered what we would do in their situations. It was amazing. Most of us had even read the book (even paying retail for the hard to find hardback book - so against my library-loving tendencies - full disclosure confession to come later) and we actually discussed it, at a book club meeting, imagine that. It was incredible to watch the characters come alive right there at Louise's sparkling table. I was so excited, I forgot all of the usual pithy remarks that we crazies create (all I've got so far: move the muffins, the "how is your day with your grandma going" question asked to kids of "Blanche," the we got your back, sistah for whatever you need on Sunday at 10, truck included, surrounded by our very own so tall Annabelle, petite ya ya, taking in every dirty word, the I can whip together an asparagus lasagna and full spread in under two hours and I'll remember more later when the amazement wears off). But I think we've found the solution. Apply pressure. Read the book. Call the author. Maddie loves Anne Lamott and Lorrie Moore, two of my faves, too, so I'll start crossing my fingers and waiting for my phone to ring!

More from Maddie: What if you ran in to an old flame on a train and had the chance to catch up, to reminisce, to look in his eyes and wonder if he was the one that got away, the one you've been thinking about all these years, the perfect guy? What if all of those perfect guy's annoying traits that you forgot all about started to appear again on the train ride, making you think that life back home with Mr. Straight and Narrow, Mr. Steadfast wasn't so bad. What would you do? Well, according to fabulous author,  you would spruce him up and write a book, inviting all of the characters to live in your brain for awhile, rummage around in there until they said their piece and then set them free (I think there's a part two in there somewhere with different run-off-with-Jeremiah ending - she said I could write that one!). We have a lot more questions for her and I hope we don't have to wait for her next book to speak with her again, like about all these characters I've been thinking about that keep screaming to get out: Lucy, Chloe, Blanche, Mary, Jennifer, Vanessa, Renee, Racquel, Josephine, Diomira, Thelma, Weez, Christina, Joop (some unisex name from the Netherlands, hmmm...wonder who that is?), Daisy and Tess.

Write on - The Stuff That Did Happen!

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  1. Lisa--If you would like, I'll be happy to call your book club and do a phone visit and answer any questions or comments you have about "The Stuff That Never Happened." I've been attending lots of book clubs lately who are discussing the book--and if you'd like me to call in, just send me an email at, and let me know the date and time, and I'll see if it works! Thanks so much--hope you enjoy the book! Maddie