Friday, November 19, 2010


I'd like to start a tradition. Last year Harkins Theater gave me a bunch of stuff since I'm such a loyal movie goer. I got a cup, a t-shirt, a special edition bag that I take to the grocery store every time in order to save the planet, a couple of DVDs and even a cool Red Vines water cup. I was most appreciative. This morning I heard on the radio (KEZ 99.9, by the way, they just started playing Christmas music 24/7 - love it!) that the 2011 Souvenir Cup is now available. Woo Hoo! The Harkins Theater 2011 Souvenir Cup is now available! Boy, I would really like to have one of those (maybe two). I show up every Monday morning, hauling friends along (which can make a girl very thirsty), filling up several seats (with a youngish, hip crowd, not a permed, grey hair in the bunch), then sometimes even go back on the weekends with the hubby in tow (who just loves popcorn; personally, it gives me a headache, but, wow, a 2011 t-shirt would come in handy). I'm good on all the other loot (wouldn't want to seem greedy, after all), but a couple of cups and a t-shirt would make me so happy, make me keep sending out weekly emails to hoards of people encouraging them to come join me on a Monday morning (hey, we even had a special edition Movie Madness last Saturday since we had to share Tamara Drewe with people we knew just couldn't miss it). So, Dan Harkins at Harkins Theater, you're the best. You have the greatest theaters in town and I can't wait to see more movies!

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