Sunday, November 7, 2010

Laurel - A Year In The Life!

Here is a little (late) birthday present :)
Whoa, SLOW down, baby!! Darling Diva, Laurel, must have thought that entering a fast speed limit year meant cruising at a breakneck pace though life, throwing in fun, family, friends and fabulous festivities that would make the rest of us gasp for air (and therapy)! Starting with last year's big day, a fancy Champagne brunch with the ladies,
then some fun with Santa
before heading to the new Casa Spence for a Holiday Book Club that Her Highness almost single-handedly knocked down and rebuilt into a stunning decorator's dream.
Successfully through the farm-filled family holidays, it was back to playing with the girls for awhile until...
beautiful Sophie goes off and gets engaged! Throw in a daisy-filled luncheon, 

a college graduation and a spectacular trip to Europe (complete with three tag-a-long tulips),
Laurel was still smiling, holding it all together, halfway through a remarkable year. 
As the big wedding day came near, it was hard to slow down as every detail was planned to perfection.
After waving good-bye to the newlyweds, the Farm Frau herself came along for Pinetop Slumber Party Part Two, gathering with the ladies for some old-fashioned girl time. Vroom, vroom.

After kidnapping her handsome prince for a romantic French honeymoon of their own, she got home just in time to close the birthday year circle back in her home with a bunch of crazy pirates that are just crazy for her. Especially me! There have been more book clubs, more Lipstick Calls, more movies and couldn't have made it without, lots and lots of heart-to-hearts.
Happy Birthday, Sistah. You are a true blue friend. AARRrrrruuuggghhh!


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  1. Now I know why I am so tired!!
    Thank-you Lisa
    I am lucky to have you for a friend and could not have gotten through this year without you.
    love ya Sista