Monday, November 29, 2010

Dan, Dude, Where's My Cup?

It's not like I'm asking for my own parking space or anything. My face on the big screen. A foot massage. All I want are two cups and a t-shirt. Today at Movie Madness the nice guy asked me if I wanted to buy my new 2011 souvenir cup yet. I told him nope. I'm holding out for the big guy, Dan the Man. I love Harkins. I love movies. There is a direct positive correlation between my happiness and the number of movies I see. It's like therapy. For cheap. I get two hours in the dark with my buddies, escape whatever is happening in my brain, a little respite from reality. Heard of the new "entertainment corridor" just down the street from my house in McCormick Ranch? Along with the new Diamondbacks spring training stadium and a new resort/casino, they are re-doing The Pavilions mall, complete with a new hoity-toity theater. But it's not Harkins and I would never cheat on Dan. I love his places the best. Camelview is right by the office so I can sneak out during lunch and sometimes people never notice. Then there's Shea 14. So convenient. No Indian reservation involved. Pita Jungle. Coffee Plantation. Blue Burrito, so many meet 'ya before the show options. All I want is a couple of cups. Maybe a t-shirt. Please.

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