Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost and Found

Shawn's in love. When I met him, he was about as far away from being a cat lover as one could be. Together we've had about six and he learned to tolerate most of them, had affection for a couple, but then Cali came along and everything changed. Shana found her out in the desert when she was just a week or so old. I told her not to bring her home. Told her to let one of her co-conspirators take her, maybe they could beg one of their moms for a change. After a dozen or so calls that night, I caved. OK, just for one night, but that's it. I mean it. It's been three years since then and tonight we got home to a Cali-less house for the first time, back door wide open and guilty looking dog inside. After three hours of searching, here kitty, kitty-ing, driving, flashlighting, posting a sign and almost giving up, Shawn spotted her. He went one way, I went the other and headed into the backyard. She was standing on her hind legs, pawing at the now closed back door, begging to get in. The little shit knew all along how to get home. She could have been coyote food. She could have been trampled by the hundreds of bunnies in the neighborhood. Lotus sort of glared at her when she came back in and scarfed down more food than I've ever seen her eat. Shawn gave her a bath and she looked like a wet rat as she ran off to hide and dry off, hopefully happy that she's home.

I know Shawn is.

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