Monday, May 17, 2010

Just vote (yes)

I don't know if being a Democrat is hereditary, like my brown hair and blue eyes, or if it's more like a virus, you just pick it up after living with somebody for so long, but mine seems to run pretty deep. Shana seems to have inherited/absorbed the Blue girl in a Red state gene, too, and tomorrow she's off to vote for the very first time. She's seen me screaming at the television over the years on election nights, has come with me to see Clinton, first Bill, then Hillary, Howard Dean, John Kerry and Obama and has watched me fill out countless mail-in ballots. She picked a good election to start with. Pretty basic. Just one choice. Not even down party lines. And, how appropriate, it actually has something to do with her, education. I have to balance my budget every month at home and at the office and it makes me mad that we keep electing people that can't do the same, so I'd really like to vote no and force them to figure out a way to make ends meet without our kids suffering. But that will never happen. So I voted "Yes" on Prop 100. I read my election material with Shana, let her fill out my ballot for a little practice and then mailed it in. We talked about where she'll have to go tomorrow, what she'll have to bring with her and about what time the polls will be open. She asked me if she will get an "I Voted" sticker. She said she's always wanted one of those.

I bet she'll look at that ballot with her blue eyes and vote yes.

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  1. We're obviously twins (except no blue eyes here) - dem in a repub state. I voted yes (by mail) and husband continued with his general unhappiness over the sales tax increase so, rather than him casting a no vote he just abstained.