Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Heat Is On

It hit 90 something today and I started to groan a little. Last summer I made a commitment not to bitch about the heat. It's hot here in AZ. We all know that. I'm a native, so I really know it and I figured that complaining only makes it worse. The other day somebody asked me if I was going to stick with that this year, too. It is a bit harder, takes more effort, really, to be positive rather than negative. Maybe it's not worth it after all. Then I saw my little solar-powered dancing flower on my window sill. It just goes to town when the sun comes out (click on play below). So I'm going to step it up a notch. No complaining, of course, but this summer there may be some dancing, too. Bring it on, Phoenix. I can take it.

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