Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Bunch of Illegal White People

What do a bunch of illegal white people look like? What does the hotel or restaurant owner look like that hires people at $3 bucks an hour, cash, under the table, to clean his rooms and cook his food, cutting payroll by more than half so his wife can drive an Escalade? I'm thinking bald, big beer belly, bad shoes, faded Bush/Cheney sticker on his bumper. How about the nice blonde haired, blue eyed lady in the suburbs, freshly highlighted and manicured, that leaves a few $20s on the counter every Wednesday morning so people magically appear to scrub her toilets, forgetting every April to tell her CPA about it. And what about all the white landlords and managers that employ millions that don't speak English (possibly a clue) that work throughout the night emptying the trash and mopping the floors in our office buildings and schools and factories and hospitals. What if we rounded them all up, handcuffed them, called in some news cameras and didn't let them go until they hired people legally at a fair wage, threw in some health care coverage and payroll taxes. And what about all the white druggies? What do they look like as they drive around our cities, texting all the way? The heroin addict shooting up in front of his kids that now has Hepatitis C and is on disability courtesy of you and me, the pothead that says he can quit any time...but never does, the guy snorting coke in the drive-thru line at Starbucks? What if we pulled over all of those folks and made them stop buying Mexican drugs, throwing in an American made, perfectly taxable, prescription for Prozac instead? Supply and demand, baby. Economics 101. If we let somebody just walk across our border, pay them enough to live on, plus some to send back home, educate their children and give them free health care, isn't that our fault? I just read a poll that 70% of Arizonans approve of the new immigration bill, hard to believe with 30% Hispanics in town, but why don't all of those white people quit illlegally hiring cheap labor and illegally getting high, cheating Uncle Sam out of billions a year, go stand on the border and see what happens.