Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie Madness - Letters To Juliet

Really bad movie, but got some nice travel ideas. Heavy on the cliches and predictability, it finally asked the question, 'What if?" What if I missed it? Well, the upside - I never knew much about Verona and now I definitely need to go there. Gorgeous. Canals, bridges, vineyards, Shakespeare.

And the day just kept getting better with lunch with the girls - Shana, Heather, Jo and Maddie - yapping over Mozarella, just like in Italy.

Movie Madness will be on hold for a few Mondays after today. Escaping from reality the real way - Memorial Day three day weekend in San Diego with sister, daughter and friend, Ally, three day weekend number two in the Grand Canyon with the book club, then a cool trip to Canada for a little sight-seeing and Grand Prix-ing with racing fan, Shawn, Shana and the fabulous Heather.

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