Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Who Read

Who was the genius that said, "Do something every day that scares you?" As I sat listening to some amazing women read, I thought, these ladies don't need to be here. They don't need to take this class. They're busy. They've got a million other things to do. Plus, this is scary stuff. Showing up once a week and baring your soul to strangers. Then once a year to even more strangers to read the best of the best. But they all did. And so did I. Today was the biggest event ever - 24 readers (but with a newly in place rule of just 500 words, it flew by). We killed. The audience laughed, cried, thought about their own kids, their own lives, their own dilemmas, their own purple vibrators. It was great.

Then we circled around a big table next door for a little stress relief tequila. And I looked around again. So glad to be there. So glad to be a part of such a group of intelligent, brave, hilarious, generous women. They totally rock. And read. And write.

A little press...Mothers Who Read

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