Thursday, May 6, 2010

txt msgs

Looks like there's a great new exhibit from the Young @ Art crowd at Scottsdale Center for the Arts starting next week. It's all about texting and the new language we have all had to learn in order to keep up with our kids. Shawn came to me laughing yesterday and showed me this latest text conversation (convo) with Shana on his cell phone.

Shawn: Sup?

Shana: Hey pops kickin it and cleaning room out but mainly kickin what about you my main man

Shawn: ya know jazz'n to some slow beat on the rad and looking forward to putting the beat down on some punks on xbox tonight

Shana: yeah you gonna dominate? You gonna make them cry for their master?

Shawn: Word

Shana: Fa shawh m g. Kickin it old skewl

Shawn: When r u coming home?? ???

Shana: Saturdayyy you know

Shawn: Good


Shawn: What are you doing, honey?

Shana: Hi Dad. I'm relaxing after some final exams and cleaning out my room here at college since it's the end of the semester, but mostly, I'm just relaxing. What about you, the best Daddy in the world?

Shawn: Oh, I'm just listening to some music between patients here at the office. I am looking forward to increasing my score on Xbox this evening. My friends and I have quite the competition going these days.

Shana: Great! I am sure that you will put forth your best effort and definitely win.

Shawn: I agree.

Shana: Absolutely, Dad, just like you used to do in the olden days.

Shawn: When are you coming home? I really miss you.

Shana: Saturday. It won't be that much longer.

Shawn: I can't wait to see you.

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