Sunday, May 23, 2010


My man, Bono, turned fifty this month - the guy's getting up there. On Friday, while rehearsing for another swing through America on his rocket ship for the incredible 360 tour, he hurt his back and had emergency neurosurgery somewhere in Munich. He can afford the best of care, of course, so I'm sure he's getting everything he needs. I hope all of those years jumping up and down on stage for my benefit didn't permanently damage him. I hope he'll be up and around and back to normal soon. I'm trying not to worry, but it seems like everytime I turn on the radio or walk into a store or even when I snuggled on the couch the other night with my other man, my main man, Shawn, and he hit play on the DVD, I hear his voice. Singing. Jumping up and down.

Here he is on April 30th entertaining another pretty cool guy.
Take care. Rest. And get back on your rocket ship soon. 

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