Saturday, May 22, 2010


I think the first week of Weight Watchers is rigged. I've been around the block a time or two and seem to recall that it's that first weigh-in that's always the highest. It's always downhill from there. Downhill on the number of pounds lost. I totally changed the way I ate the past week. I had about three bites of things containing sugar. I ate fruits and vegetables. I went to Starbucks once and left with a Passion tea unsweetened, no usual tall soy no foam chai and a banana muffin. I counted my points. I even counted pistachio nuts. When I ran out of points, I stopped eating. I exercised. Sounds so reasonable, really. So when I stepped on the scale at 8am today I was hoping for some good news. The lady smiled at me as she looked up from her only-she-can-see weight display. She wrote down the number. She got out the calculator and hit the subtraction key. Down 6.6 pounds. Sweet!

Can't wait for next week....


  1. Good job, Lisa. At least you're not doing any of the bull I used to do at WW, like wearing my heaviest clothes to my first weigh in and my lightest to my second. I swear I lost about ten pounds in clothes alone!

  2. Ha! As I was in line, I slipped off a bracelet AND my wedding ring! Next week maybe I'll wear a trenchcoat over my birthday suit and drop it at the last minute!