Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shana, Shrek and that Malcolm kid

Girl's night out with my favorite girl. Shana and I went to the coolest place in town, Pita Jungle, and sat outside on a gorgeous night. We saw that kid from Malcolm in the Middle (Frankie Muniz)

Here's some "Mom, stop taking pictures!" evidence - movie star to the left of Shana's green fingernails.
(He's staying at the W)
Then we went to see this guy
Shrek - funny, amazing graphics, great life lesson. Shrek gets bored with the everyday routine of his life - loving wife, beautiful kids, nice friends and wishes for just one day of peace. He makes a deal with the villain (Rumpelstiltskin - who looks like, guess who? Frankie Muniz!), finds out life isn't all that great with nobody around, finds his long-lost love, Fiona, who has become a badass Revolution leader since Shrek wasn't around to save her and he falls in love with her all over again. All in a day's work, then cut back to reality at Chuckee Cheese-like birthday party. Lesson - appreciate what you have. I do, I do, I do.

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  1. i love the range of this post, as well as the green theme.