Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I not only had time to go to yoga tonight, I finished up at work and got there an hour early. The church is on a beautiful piece of land just below Camelback Mountain. It is surrounded by desert and rock "rivers" and fountains and sculptures (even one by fave Waddell) and lots of benches for sitting under big trees and thinking, so I took advantage. What a luxury. Mary's just back from a week long seminar quest to learn even more about life and how to pass it on to all of us (by gettting back to basics and really learning less). We had lots of pre-yoga talking time (usually saved for sneaking out and grabbing lunch) and then the class came in, more community, more catching up, more gathering - so much a part of this class. Then it was back to basics - a million sun salutations, work to get it right, make the body light, flowing from one pose to the next, taking longer in one if you need to, less time in others, but really, it's about the flow. Be flexible. Maybe all of the answers are already in there somewhere.

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