Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Melanoma May

May is Melanoma Awareness Month. As an Arizona native, somebody that grew up slathered in baby oil every summer out by the pool or for ten hours a day on the beach in San Diego for a couple of weeks a year, I should worry. I'm covered with a wrinkly face, splotchy chest and such spotty forearms and hands, I look like a grandma. These days I don't leave the house without my SPF and I'm hoping for a little luck over the next few decades. But a couple of weeks ago my sister had to have something removed from her ankle. Something suspicious. Cancer, they said. It's all gone now and the tests came back good that they got it all. I freaked out and made an appointment with my Derm to get the once over. I stripped down (poor guy, those florescent lights are rough - I look much better by candlelight) and he examined every little spot through some magnifying glass-like contraption. He said I'm good. No Melanoma. Not one bad spot, but he told me to keep using the sunscreen and to come back next year. In three more days I'm off to the beach with Amy.

I'm bringing one of these.

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