Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Mommy

Shana tagged along to yoga with me tonight. She's used to working out at the gym, aerobics, lifting weights, kick boxing, softball, frisbee on the mall at school kinds of things. Not yoga. I took her once when she was little to a kid's yoga class and they all did cute animal poses. Over the years, I've taught her the child's pose (to help with a sore back) and down dog and we've done sun salutations on some trips that I can remember. But never a whole class. She asked me on the way over if there's music. She wondered if she would be bored. I told her that it is a good time to sort of clear her brain for an hour. I told her that that's what I try to do for just one hour a week. No summer boredom thoughts. No reality shows. No Facebook for an entire hour. Just breathe and try not to think. She said, "Maybe I can make room for more information." Exactly! She met the wonderful Mary and got through the class, keeping up with the rest of us, but not really overflowing with joy. Then, at then end, Mary asked us to do the Happy Baby pose. Shana knows that one, too. She grabbed her feet, looked over at me and smiled.


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  2. My greatest dream: getting my daughter to my Jazzercise class when she's old enough...
    Congratulations Lisa!