Friday, August 20, 2010

Xbox Elbow

Shawn's obsessed with Xbox. His elbow, not so much. He has so many points, working his way though all the levels so many times that they recently named him King or something (or was it Commander?), it's no wonder the guy's in pain. He has all kinds of "friends" that he plays with, some are actual people, in the flesh local guys, that we have seen in person. The others, who knows? But they're a team. They invite each other "over" to play, text each other to see when the next game is, send each other cute little Facebook messages. I try to stay out of it, occasionally barking at him to get up every now and then, stretch, let the indentation in the couch come back. There are worse habits he could have, I guess. He does spend a lot of time in a doctor's office taking care of everybody else, so I suppose a little break is warranted, a little reprieve, but today after work, we're heading off to another one. Pain Management for a quick shot in the elbow. Make sure it's enough to get him through the weekend, Doc, the team's counting on him.

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