Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Aaahhhh...back to yoga after everybody took an over month-long break. By the end of class, Mary could hardly get us to roll over let alone stand up in the sanctuary. She talked about trying to find that sometimes imperceptible space between inhaling and exhaling, exhaling and inhaling. She said that's where freedom is. I thought that it is sort of like your brain is on auto-pilot for a pause, letting your body take over all of the decisions. Before class, one of my yoga buddies and I were talking about "the switch" going off. How one minute life makes sense, the next you wonder how you could have been living like you were the moment before. She is at the five month point of saying no to alcohol and I stopped eating like a pig around that same time - totally out of the blue, switch went off. Well...there were some onion rings involved. Back then, our bodies took over and gave the brain a new piece of info to ponder, like tonight mine said, "Hey Lisa, look, your boobs are so small now they don't hit you in the face and suffocate you during yoga anymore."

Switch. Breathe. Freedom.

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