Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Voting Bloc

I've got my own little voting bloc. I'm in charge of four mail-in ballots. Mine, Shawn's, Shana's and my sister Amy's (lives in NY and we blue people in this red state need her vote more than those fancy city folk up north). Amy trusts me (occasionally looking up the issues and giving me advice) and we somehow figure out how to get her signature on it. Shawn, ditto. A couple of weeks ago Shana and I sat down to go over it (I can't baby everybody). We read the information in our booklets and looked up all of the candidates online as she made her way down the list. She got to Rodney Glassman running for Senator and remembered him from a discussion he gave to her APO fraternity last year. She was very impressed by him and said that he talked about networking and that he would be available to them if they ever needed him. So after reading about all the others, decided that it wouldn't be so bad to have a Senator that's available to her and checked his box. Lastly, she got to Constable. Nobody was running on her ballot and she recalled an old episode from our fave The Gilmore Girls when Sookie's husband ran for Town Constable and all of the ensuing hilarity. She looked at it for awhile, then looked at me. Can I run? I said sure. Do I just write my name in? Yep. So she did.

I can't wait for the results tonight to see if she won.

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