Sunday, August 15, 2010


I hate to be such a crybaby. I'm usually so go-with-the-flow, but the little birdie flew the coop this morning, car loaded up and back to school for her junior year (just got text - 11:35am - The eagle has landed). Empty nestville, here I come again. Shana was excited to get back to school. Get back to her friends. Get back to set up her new room in her new apartment. School doesn't even start until the 23rd, so this was a first. I had a feeling all summer that this would be it. The last real one. She was antsy whenever she was home. Wanting to be out working or interning or traveling like so many of her friends were doing. So next year, now that her commitment to Workshop is over, she probably won't even come home. She's going to Spain for her Spring semester and thinks that it would make more sense to just get a one-way ticket, stay over there all summer, putz around, room in some hostels. Maybe that's why it's so hard. Maybe that's why the tears keep flowing. 

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  1. When you and Shawn move to Spain, we will visit you.