Monday, August 2, 2010

Action - Day Three

More out in the sun shots, losing the light in the clouds shots, boyfriend in a dusty old truck, Gordy the cab driver, hit your mark, reverse, try it again. 

Then Mom showed up, Mary Beth Peil 
"Grams" from Dawson's Creek (Shana thought that was cool) and now in The Good Wife,
this cast just keeps getting better and better. We had a nice talk about her career as well as our daughters going to U of A. 

The gang just worked and worked and worked, going for at least twelve hours a stretch (I don't think I ever made it past ten hours - wimp). I can't remember the last time I did anything for twelve hours in a row. Sort of puts things in to perspective. Makes you wonder how much you could really accomplish if you put your mind to it. And apparently, most other shoots have much longer days. I guess by the time you hire everybody and fly them across the country and organize the lines and the days and the lodging and the food and the lives - you better use your time wisely. After all, this is expensive time. So it was nice to help, nice to save them a bit of money, hopefully contribute to a better movie in some teensy way. I can't wait to see the finished product - Small, Beautifully Moving Parts. Check out Annie and Lisa's blog at Sundance for updates.

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