Monday, August 2, 2010

Action! Day One

Day One call time: 7:30

So, why would anybody volunteer for three days, three loonnggg days, on a movie? Why would anybody get up at the crack of dawn and drive to Cave Creek, shop for a dozen people, haul ice and bottled water around, sweat in the Arizona sun - right out in the middle of the desert - make coffee, lunch, snacks, run errands, wash dishes and just try to be all around helpful? What's in it for me, huh?

Well, it's just so friggin' cool. It's truly amazing to look at the world through Annie's eyes. It's impossible to grow up next door to a geodesic dome house in Cave Creek, Arizona and not be affected by it. She's got gurus and neurotic girls and quirky characters floating around in her psyche and it's so much fun to watch them come alive. Plus, I love movies and what an incredible education this is for me, behind the scenes, holding the water, "umbrella-ing" the stars (who knew umbrella could be a verb?)

Today was Taffy's Dome House (incredible labyrinth creator and so much more)

xmas tree still up, fake pregnant Sarah tries to find her mother, but all she gets is a guru and some meditators.
Sarah - Anna Margaret Hollyman
Here's one of the meditators, no, not mediator (Phoenix atty that knows my dad, everybody knows Old Wildcat)
There was also a Peggy and a Dee and somebody that showed up in a Mother Goose outfit.

Between takes we all sat around the Howell's dining room table reminiscing about the good old days in Phoenix, back when Scottsdale Road was so hilly it made you carsick and to get to Rawhide was a whole day trip.

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