Monday, August 2, 2010

Action - Take One

I'm returning to my old job as a Production Assistant (here's a look back at my initiation). Amazing Annie is adding another piece to her Sparks series, a feature called Small, Beautifully Moving Parts, along with cohort Lisa Robinson.

This one's a road trip. During the past two weeks, the crew has been to LA, Vegas, the Grand Canyon and will be rolling in to Cave Creek tomorrow. I'll be there, too, taking off a few days from work to help make the coffee, do a few airport runs to pick up the stars, clean up the trash (you know, the important stuff) and just watch in awe as the whole thing comes together. It's going to be rough. These Hollywood types are crazy - working all kinds of hours - my voice mail, email and text in boxes are already crammed full of way too organized lists, lists, and more lists to keep us on all track.

First assignment - I'm in charge of breakfast for around 15 in Cave Creek Wednesday 7:30am.

latest text...please don't forget the gluten free granola and soy yogurt

I'm off to Trader Joe's


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