Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Fun Club

Girls just wanna have fun. You only live once. Time flies. Woulda shoulda coulda. I need to wash my hair. Here's some good stuff coming up.

Phoenix Art Museum - Cezanne exhibit through Sept 26 (mother daughter going for museum and lunch on Aug 11) 

Movie Madness - Eat Pray Love - Aug 13, 3ish, ditto on the college kids

Nearly Naked Theatre - Aug 14 - Sept 11 (8/14) - Saucy Jack & The Space Vixens - love to support this small local theatre, always a fun, raunchy show and crowd!

Chicks With Sticks - Aug 19 - The Compound Grill, 7pm (free, but worth more!)

Strangers In The Bedroom - Aug 20 - Sept 4 (8/29) at the great, right down the street by PV Mall, Theatre Artists Studio

Phoenix First Friday Sept 1 - let's take the light rail!

Saving Tanias Privates Sept 16 - Oct 10 - incredible writer and performer, such a moving story


  1. You are an inspiration, Lisa! You're amazing, how you find out about everything and go to everything! I'm jealous, but am I jealous enough to leave my house?...

  2. Can friends go to the muesum tooooooo??