Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Garbage disposals are bad. I heard on NPR a few weeks ago five things about them that are wasteful:
1. the water flowing unnecessarily 2. the unnecessary electricity usage, 3. the wasted food that's going down the drain, 4. the extra impact all of that waste has on the sewage system and 5. well, I can't remember what 5 was, but there were definitely five, so I've been thinking about making some changes.

I try to be a good human, try to recycle, try to reduce my carbon footprint, turn off lights when I leave the room, be all Al Gory and all, but really, I just use too much. We all do. I don't live in a mansion, but I do have an entire room I never go in, I drive too much, have too much crap around that I rarely ever use and have a pool pretty much for the sole entertainment of a dog.

So I've decided to start composting and stop throwing all of that stuff down the drain. I don't have a garden or herbs or anything that is in desperate need of nutrient-rich compost, so if anybody wants it, just let me know. Since starting to eat like a person on Weight Watchers instead of the glory days of subsisting on Starbucks "banana" walnut muffins, Happy Hour specials and Pei Wei, my waste seems to have increased - watermelon rinds, banana peels, peach pits, carrot scraps, remains from vegetable soup makings (zero points!). Plus we've got lots of coffee grounds. Shawn, Mr. Fancy Four Shot, goes through coffee like he's a barista - gets a case automatically delivered every month from Illy (imagine the carbon involved in that - the paper, the box, the metal canisters, the plane, the UPS truck - please don't tell Mr. Gore)

I've been doing some research and I'm getting close to actually buying a composter, but for now, it's the old fashioned way - the bunnies in my yard have more carrots than they know what to do with.


  1. ray just told me that san francisco now mandates that people compost. you are a better person than i am -- but i'll bring my garbage to you if you want it!

  2. Brave New World

  3. Plus, you should see what "they" are making Amy's kids do in school - scary