Saturday, August 28, 2010


Fresh from a Weight Watchers meeting, I ran in to Fry's to grab a few things.  As of today, there's a whole Cold Stone Creamery store INSIDE the Fry's store.  That's cold. Before I even got close, I smelled it.  The sweet, battery, buttery golden brown waffle cones baking in the oven. It was intoxicating. I rushed by, quickly glancing at all of the toppings, then turned the corner to see two freezers full of an already packaged take-home extravaganza. OMG. I thought about the WW meeting. We talked about how the WW plan is like a puzzle and that if you really want some of your favorite foods, you can have them. You just need to plan. Fit them in accordingly. Eat less one day. Work out more the next. Simple, right? Like one lady gave up cream in her coffee, used Truvia instead in her three or four cups a day and lost 4 pounds. I made it successfully through the store, making two new BFFs in line who were also feeling my pain, went home, checked the Cold Stone Creamery site and did some calculations. How many points in my daily food puzzle would my usual order (medium coffee ice cream with Snickers mix-in) cost me? Fifteen. Out of twenty-two. So, yeah, I guess I could work it in, plan for it, move some other puzzle pieces around, starve. But I'm glad I walked away.

I'm also glad that there's a different, not so cold, Fry's down the street.

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  1. I can relate, Lisa! When I find myself calculating how to eat all my daily points (which I've been using FOREVER) in, like, walnuts, I know I just have to walk away. Sometimes there just won't be enough of the food (always, somehow, a binge food!) to satisfy me and I could have a great day instead eating balanced meals. Good job on leaving without it. Have one of those 1 point Skinny Cow bars instead. At least you can eat the rest of the day!