Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hit the road, mac

I knew he was sick, but I just kept pushing, pushing, pushing anyway. I ignored the slowness, the blinking on and off, the 20 minute long tumbling hourglass and just hoped for the best. I had at least three windows in Safari open, one Word document, editing one picture in iphoto while trying to bluetooth in another from my cell phone then, just one more thing, opened Quicken to download a qif doc from Wells Fargo. I think that's what did it. Shut down. Dead mac. Shawn came home and took charge. I apologized, but he said it wasn't my fault. Such a nice guy. After numerous crying fits in the past after losing everything, including an entire thesis that was due that day after a very long all-nighter, we back-up for real these days. Here and offsight somewhere. I don't understand it, but all I know is that it's not the end of the world anymore when the big guy goes down. So for now my only problem is blogging on the old twenty pound PC laptop we use to communicate with the office. No spell check on this version and for some reason every 30 seconds the screen and cursor pops up to the top, making me scroll down again and again to find my spot.  But Shawn called Dr. Jobs and made a "reservation" at the Apple Store. He was so relieved when they told him that he had 16 days left on his warranty. 16 days. Maybe it was a good thing that I pushed so hard when I did, or we would really be seeing some tears.

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  1. Aren't our Apple products supposed to be perfect, though? I think I finally figured out how to write a document on this iPad...