Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oui oui oui!!

Bon jour! Whoa. I thought that the pilot said we were going to Canada, but this is no Canada. It looks like France to me. Quebec is full of cobble-stoned streets, curvy roads with little boutiques, chocolate and cheese everywhere you look. There are castles and chateaus and walls of stone fortrices and cannons, reminders of how hard they fought to keep their town as French as possible. Montreal is French, French, French, too. The signs, the hip people, the food, the beautful language. We've driven all over town, seen some incredible sights and had some great meals. Tomorrow is all about the Grand Prix. Ferrari preliminary races start at 8:50 am and we will be there.

Au Revoir!


  1. Which gran prix car is Shawn driving?

  2. Wow, that sounds great, Lisa! I need to go! First I need to brush up my rusty high school French!