Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Night Special

Movie Madness for Maddie, our number one member, who is departing for beautiful Berkeley (at least it's closer than Amsterdam). A hilarious romp with Joan Rivers,
then some romping of our own with great gals Michelle and Caroline (Maddie's hip "mountain friends" - who, along with Maddie, have been up and down Camelback by the time most of us roll out of bed). We hit the cool new Fox restaurant Culinary Dropout in our own private little sexy table in the back with our own chandelier for some great food and I think even a new change your life margarita (sorry Regions, something about the orange peel).
Maddie's been my Yes, Yes, Yes friend for a couple of years now, 
totally open to whatever I suggest, with (like me) an empty nest and an adorable hubby that doesn't mind us going out to play and a flexible job, she's always willing to meet wherever for a museum tour or a last minute Saturday morning at Changing Hands or a walk through the flower gardens in Holland or a play in downtown Phoenix or a glass of French Merlot as the sun goes down. 

Mon amie, you'll be missed!

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