Friday, June 25, 2010


111. A hundred and eleven. One hundred and eleven degrees. I'm not complaining. It does this every year and I'm ready. I'm just wondering why we don't cover every building and every parking garage and the top of every car in solar panels and cool this puppy down. Enough with all of the oil drilling, we've got a powerful energy source right here that we're wasting. But since nobody seems to be listening to Al Gore anymore (even Tipper) the only thing to do is duck into a freezing cold movie (I even brought a sweater like my mom does) on a blaring hot day. Shawn, Tom, Cameron and me out for a wild, cool Friday afternoon ride. 

Fun movie. Shoot 'em up, stunts galore, travel tour through some amazing cities, some chemistry, some laughs, a come and go Boston accent and (I hate to give it away, but...) a happy ending. And not just the part where we go outside and the sun's gone down, like knight and day.


  1. You mean I finally went to Flagstaff at exCrly the right moment? First time ever and can't even tell there's supposed to be a fire up here. Get the husband in the hot car and zoom on up!

  2. Oops, I meant "exactly"nit "exCrly"! Typing on my new iPad in bed!!!

  3. oh...sounds cool! Flagstaff AND a new iPad? You're totally "in the know"!