Monday, June 14, 2010

Goin' Solo

I can't remember the last time Shawn and I had Shana all to ourselves on a trip. There has been Lauren and Alexis and Kiera and Naomi and Ally and Allison and Megan and Jordan and Heather and I'm sure I'm forgetting some (sorry, gang), but this trip it was just the three of us. After months of planning and plane ticket in hand, Heather realized that her passport expired in January. I did some research. So did Heather's mom, Sue, and it looked like she could get in to Canada, but getting back? Nope. Not worth the risk. So it was just The Three Amigos heading north. And it worked out. We had a great time together. Lots of laughs.

We weren't on our best behavior when we would get lost on a drive or when somebody got cranky or when I failed to negotiate a scalped ticket properly or when Shawn appeared one morning in a flowered Tommy Bahama shirt and Shana exclaimed, "Mom! Oh my God. Why did you let him pack that?" We got in a lot of talking, a lot of planning for next semester, a lot of reading, a lot of snuggling on the couch and some Rock, Paper, Scissors on the plane (she cheats), things that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise. I'm sure we'll be back to Rent-A-Kid for the next adventure with the only child, and that's always great, but it's nice to know going solo works, too.

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