Saturday, June 12, 2010


Shana in front of one of our favorite restaurants - Cafe Souvenir, or Le Terrible Enfant or a great Italian place (with the best mushroom risotto in the world),

all right in a row in the Outremont neighborhood, just off of Mont Royal.

Restaurant with cheeky, cheeky glasses

Here's Shawn and Shana checking out the cool cars at a street fair. 
There were so many streets blocked off during the weekend for the Grand Prix festivities, great atmosphere, tons of people, safest city in the world.

Cool weather, sunny days, some rain before we left.

Life is a bowl of the courtyard of our condo.

Old Town, Downtown, Outremont, Mont Royal, Port, McGill, Little Italy, the Underground, view of fireworks from our room, 100,000 in town for the race, Saturday night just like La Rambla, the list goes on...

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